1. Main unit not switching ON?

Almost 99% it is because of weak or drained battery, please replace battery.

2. No sound?

Please check red light on front panel, if it is not lit please change the battery. Then check connection of earphone and sthetho-in.

3. Not able to record on Laptop/Desktop?

Please read the user manual for step wise description. For Microphone settings please use this link Click here for detailed step wise description.

4. How to connect speaker?

Please read the user manual for step wise description.

5. Too much noise/ambient noise?

We recommend using DigiScope in closed place. Or try using the filters on the top panel.

6. Humming sound?

Slight humming sound due to electronic circuit and surrounding is expected and considered normal for DigiScope. If it is higher than normal please remove any cellphone, magnetic gadget or item (TV, sound box, MIC, LCD, tablet, etc.) from the surrounding. And do not forget to tighten the screws of the main unit.

7. Sound distortion?

High volume listening requires HD earphone/headphone. We recommend SONY MDR XB 600.

8. Sound Transmission using skype / hangout?

When you start skype on your computer it detects Microphone in the system. It will either take the default mic or you may choose the external mic of your headphone to speak to the other person. The same way when you input the Jack / pin of the digiscope it should appear as the external mic, if not please ask your computer vendor to make the external mic active. Once done instead of your voice it will start transmitting the heart beat/ lung sounds. For Settings Click Here

We highly recommend you to read User manual, you will find most of your answers there Click Here


DigiScope Support team


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